About Us

We Believe

  • that all people should have an opportunity to live life with the best hearing possible and we are dedicated to finding solutions for each patient
  • that hearing care is a key component to your overall healthcare and should be delivered by Audiologist not by catalogs, kiosks, or over the internet.  Your health deserves more and we strive everyday to use our knowledge and expertise to deliver you an exceptional experience
  • that better hearing is a better quality of life and that better hearing is not the act of sticking something in your ear
  • that better hearing is achieved only through comprehensive diagnostics of your hearing system
  • that better hearing is achieved only through education and developing a personalized treatment plan based on your listening needs
  • in a multidisciplinary approach to hearing healthcare and the need for collaboration with other healthcare providers on your team to deliver you the best care possible
  • that connecting you to your family and friends improves your quality of life and allows you to be your best
  • in the need for you to participate freely and engage naturally with those that matter most to you
  • you are an extension of our family and that we are part of your team to help you succeed by nurturing you like we have been nurturing other patients along their hearing journey
  • we have been your hometown hearing provider for years and we will continue for years to come
  • our main mission is for you to thrive and live your best life.


Our Mission

Our mission at Advanced Audiology& Hearing Care is simple.  It’s YOU.  We are committed to helping patients each and every day meet their goals of better hearing.  We recognize the significant role that our hearing plays in a better quality of life and we are dedicated to providing a personalized plan for all patients for a better quality of life.  Our team of hearing care experts are focused on providing exceptional hearing and balance services as well as a customer service experience second to none.

Our focus is on 4 core areas that describe our mission of helping you on your journey to better hearing and a better YOU.


Your hearing journey starts with a relationship of learning more about you and your specific needs. Thorough testing, listening assessments and comprehensive case history comprise our first appointment.  We begin by listening to you.  We are passionate about counseling patients in detail about your auditory system, your test results, and your personalized recommendations.  Dedicated to continuing education, research and new advancements in hearing technology we are here to empower you with the latest technology and knowledge about your hearing and your hearing solutions.


Our hearing is a precious sense that we all too often take for granted.  It is truly what connects us to our friends and loved ones.  We know the importance of you hearing life’s precious moments.  Stay active.  Stay Engaged.  Stay Connected.


Our patients are like our family.  We care about you and your journey to hear your best.  When you visit Advanced Audiology & Hearing Care you will experience the relationship of a partner for better hearing and ultimately a better quality of life.  Our commitment is to do our very best to ensure your success.


When you are educated by a team of committed providers that empower you with better knowledge of your health and connect you the people and things you enjoy the most, you THRIVE.  Our objective is to outline your goals and to help you achieve them.  Enjoy the world around you!