Binge Watching TV Lately?


Stream your favorite programs to your hearing devices and adjust your volume to your liking!  The best part is that you are not isolated from hearing anyone else in the room.  Your family can set the TV volume where they like it and you have your own personal volume thru the hearing devices. You will hear the TV as the primary sound but you will also be able to hear a spouse or loved one communicating with you.  The TV adaptor connects to almost any audio device using the provided cables.  Easy to pair to your hearing devices and a popular accessory for our patients and their family members.  Here’s what a few of our patients and your neighbors are saying about hearing the TV directly in their hearing devices.


Easy to set up and my husband loves the clarity.  It has changed our lives and we can enjoy TV together without me interpreting for him!

 -Sue, Greensboro


Even with my hearing devices I was still having trouble understanding words.  Dr. Hoffman recommended the TV adaptor and it solved my problem.  I highly recommend this device to anyone having the same issue.

 -Bill, Madison